Anime Meetings

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm ARCC 414

Want to enjoy recently aired and classic anime alike in the company of other fans? These meetings are for you! Join us for both continuous showings and themed showings (as well as relevant discussions) of your choice.

Past showings: Violet Evergarden, Made in Abyss, A Place Further than the Universe, Bloom into You, Kono Suba, Re:Creators, Yuru Camp, My Neighbor Seki, Non Non Biyori, and more!

General Meetings

Thursdays, Location and Time TBD

How would you fare in a round of Weeb Trivia? What's the first thing you would do if you woke up in an Isekai? Let us know at our weekly general meetings! Test your anime knowledge, compete against friends, discuss who's really best girl, or simply sit back and watch entertaining antics of your fellow club members.  

Past Activities: Ani-Emoji, Promotion Commotion, Who's that Waifu?, Werewolves, Anime Pictionary, Aggie-SAMA's Ani-mazing Race, You're the Protagonist!

Art Meetings

Sundays. Location and Time TBD

At Art Meetings, beginners and experts alike come together to create and share their work! Need some tips on how to improve your art? Want to show off a piece you just finished? Or maybe you're just looking for a quiet place to doodle? Whatever stage you're at, art meetings are for you! Grab your tablets, sketchbooks, pencils, and pens, and let's draw!

Past Activites: Group drawings, Show-and-Tell, Anime Drawing 101, Zine Work