Xander Ly



I'm a Senior Computer Engineering Major and pursuing minors in Mathematics and Japanese

I hope to keep Aggie-SAMA a fun community for you to enjoy, so please come hang out with everyone when you can!


Devan Shea


Hey everyone, I am a junior computer science major from the small town of Diboll, Texas!

Though I am on this council, I have not yet been granted the rank of master.

Public Relations Officer

Anna Sutterfield


Howdy! I am a psychology major from Dallas, Texas.


I enjoy gardening, yoga, painting/drawing, taking photos and training my border collie, Argos.

The Tech Guy

Connor Nicholls


What's up gamers. I'm a Computer Science major with (hopefully) minors in Japanese and Cybersecurity, and a PhD in sucking at League. I'm your resident IT Manager so if you have any suggestions or questions about any of our tech (Discord, Twitch, Youtube, etc.) feel free to message. 

General Officer

Jacob Singer


Howdy, I'm a junior public health major with a minor in biology.


I'll be your "Director of General Assembly #1" (aka: general officer #1). I look forward to meeting you guys at socials and during the best weekly activity: general meetings.


If you have any fun facts you enjoy or are proud of, feel free to send them to me!

General Officer

Evan Bures

Greetings and salutations my fellow howdy'ers.


My name has been whispered by the prophets as the man who will bring us back from the depths of social destruction during the dark Covid times. I was chosen by the panel of the gods to reignite general meetings after the reign of terror of lord xander over the meetings of general assembly.


I will usher us into a new age of fun and freedom.


Anime Officer

Lucas Campbell


Greetings citizens,


My name is Sir Lucas Campbell the Fool.


I am of the major Computer Science, and I love making my sentences as cringe-y as possible.

Art Officer

Ariana Harding

Howdy! I’m a senior Biochemistry major with a Psychology minor.


I’m generally more of a quiet person, and the meetings I’ll be leading are more of a chill time as well~ Looking forward to being the art officer for Aggie-sama this year and meeting all of you creative people!