Timothy Nguyen



My name is Tim and I'm a Computer Science Major. I've spent wayyy too much money on merch and I regret (almost) nothing.


Hope to see you all at one of the meetings or socials.

Public Relations Officer

Anna Sutterfield

Howdy! I am a psychology major from Dallas, Texas.


I enjoy gardening, yoga, painting/drawing, taking photos and training my border collie, Argos.


Hey everyone, I am a freshman engineering major from the small town of Diboll, Texas!

Though I am on this council, I have not yet been granted the rank of master.


Devan Shea

General Officer

Beatrice Burton


Hey howdy hey!

My name is Bea, and I'm a Junior Biology major.


I love dancing, cosplaying, reading manga, ultimate frisbee, and meeting new people. Hope to see you soon!

P.S. Come to General Meetingsssss

General Officer

Xander Ly


How do yee! My name is Xander Ly, I'm a sophomore Computer Engineering Major and General Officer #2 for Aggie-SAMA.


I like speaking very loudly, manga, video games, and trying to figure out how not to be awkward.


Anime Officer

Lucas Campbell

Greetings citizens,


My name is Sir Lucas Campbell the Fool.


I am of the major Computer Science, and I love making my sentences as cringe-y as possible.

Art Officer

Madeline Zhao

Howdy o/

I'm a junior Biomedical Science major and I have an art minor. I've been drawing for many years now (in both traditional and digital media).

Bakugou Katsuki is my son and I'm a manga elitist.